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POPPET (2021)

3m 36s | English | Hiraeth Films, 2021.

Mixing live-action and stop-motion animation, Hiraeth Films is proud to present "Poppet" a new horror from the mind of Director, Dan Raymond.

"Poppet" premiered at the 2021 Horror Film Roulette Festival in Utica, MI where it was awarded "Third Place" & "Audience Choice" awards.

Poppet (Short Film, 2021)
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Film by Dan Raymond

Assistant Art Director: Jennifer Raymond

Girl/ Monster: Kirsten Anderson

Voice of Jennifer/ Witch: Dan Raymond

Music: "Corrosion" & "Contamination" by Purple Planet Music

Special Thanks: Neil Willoughby, John Raymond, Jen Raymond

Hiraeth Films, 2021.

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