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“Second Life Citizens is a campy return to the gratuitous gore of 80s & 90s era zombie flicks”

- The Confluence

A Review for “Second Life Citizens” at the 2020 Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival

“While super gory…you’ll be laughing throughout.”
(4/5 stars)

-Beats Boxing Mayhem

A Review for “Second Life Citizens” at the 2020 Atlanta Horror Film Festival

“…Quality scenes of all out terror.”

-Mini Reel Reviews

A Review for “The Scarf” at the 2019 A Slice of Fright Film Festival

1 (29).jpg

Horror Film Roulette Podcast |
Neil Willoughby

After winning First Place & Audience Choice at the 2018 Horror Film Roulette Film Challenge for “The Scarf”, festival hosts Erik Steele & Terri Rozwadowski sat down with writer/director Neil Willoughby to talk about his work.

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