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This Feeling Will Pass (2023)

7m 56s | English | Hiraeth Films, 2023.

Tessa's intrusive thoughts begin to impede their reality.


After taking home FOUR awards at it's premiere at the 2023 Horror Film Roulette (Second Place, Audience Choice, Best Writing, Scariest Film), "This Feeling Will Pass" is NOW SUBMITTING to festivals for the 2024 season.

Party's Over (Short Film, 2022)
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"This Feeling Will Pass"

Written & Directed by Neil Willoughby

Director of Photography: Michael Lucido

Art Director: Dan Raymond

Assistant Director: Geoff Schwerin

Starring: Tiaja Sabrie, Jeffery Howson, Kirsten Anderson, Miles Bond,

& David Pifko

SFX Make-up: Jennifer Willoughby, Joan Lutz, & Dan Raymond

SFX Rigging: Dustin Hayes

Story Editors: Geoff Schwerin, Jacob Turskey, 

Editor & Digital FX: Neil Willoughby

BTS Photography: Kelley Carpenter

Production Assistant: Jack Raymond

Hiraeth Films, 2023.

This Feeling Will Pass Poster | Tessa's outlined face over the shape of a Monster's hand
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