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Horror Stays Home! (2020)

04m 23s | English | Hiraeth Films, 2019.

A love letter to old EC Horror Comics, "HORROR STAYS HOME!" follows the turmoil between a young couple during the 2020 pandemic- with DEADLY consequence!
Shot completely in quarantine during April of 2020, writer/director Neil Willoughby enlisted the help of his roommates: Dan Raymond (Art Director), Jennifer Raymond (FX Make-up Artist), and Kirsten Anderson (Actor) to make this project happen.
Throughout 2020, HORROR STAYS HOME! became an official selection of multiple festivals, and won third runner up at the “Alternative Film Festival” in Toronto, Ontario.

HORROR STAYS HOME! (Short Film, 2020)
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Written & Directed by Neil Willoughby

Art & Lighting Director: Danny Raymond

Starring: Kirsten Anderson, & Neil Willoughby

Additional voices by: Dustin Hayes, Joan Lutz, & Kelley Carpenter

Key SFX Make-up Artist: Jennifer Raymond

Hiraeth Films, 2020.

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